Barry D. Kaine was born in Forest Hills, New York City, raised in a small town on Long Island, graduated from Syosset High School, and eventually, after living in Florida, and California, moved to Oregon, where he presently resides. During his life, he has had a daughter, and a son, both now grown, and also living in the Northwest.

While still in high school, he had after school and summer jobs in the advertising and theater fields. After moving to Oregon to work on a film, he found work in the film industry , off and on, for about twenty years (that is the film business in Oregon), also becoming a journeyman carpenter, and science fiction writer in his spare time. He produced and directed a local cable series "The Planet Tonight" from 1984-1987, and worked on various commercials and films such as Hear No Evil, Mr. Hollands Opus, and others.

In 1988 Barry was hired as the DP for a documentary film which shot in Egypt; during which he got to work with Oscar winning director Richard Ewing ("The Iron Camel"), and consultant James Irwin, Apollo 15 astronaut. In 1992, however, he was injured on a film where he was working as an electrician. He suffered three ruptured spinal discs, and pretty much had to give up the supplemental work that crew jobs had brought in. That was when he decided to persue art full time, while still writing science fiction screenplays on the side.

<P>He completed his first paint on canvas work in 1996 (a scene of a canal in Amsterdam, Holland). Since then, his work has been hung in private residences in London, Paris, New York , Los Angeles and Miami, to name the more noteworthy. During the Clinton Administration, a silkscreen of his pen and ink work "Jena" hung in the white House. <P>Recently, (for the past decade or so), he has worked with local avant-garde theater ensemble Imago, doing a variety of jobs, from creature fabrication and design, to stills and video.

He recently (2006) has completed his sixth screenplay, a collaboration with local up and coming producer/director Ira David Flowers. In 2008 he completed work on the rock opera "Toy Room" by Portland artists Sally Tomato, as creative consultant/stills & video. <P>In addition, he is developing a stage play for Imago based on the life of Beethoven. (not green-lighted yet). <P>Barry works in clay and ceramics also, selling bas-relief style tiles, and miniature figurines through local galleries and gift shops.